using software to predict

Using Software to Predict Buyer Behaviour

We've all had that feeling that somebody is watching us. When it comes to the surfing the internet, we really are being watched! At least most websites politely let us know that they are collecting “cookies.” When it comes to your own customers, there is lots of data that you can be putting to good use- and you don't have to spy on them to make the most of it, either. We're talking...

software for small businesses

Making The Case For Switching To The Cloud

A few years ago, it probably would have seemed crazy to think that the you could effectively run a business from across the world- or even across the country. Realistically, the only way it was possible was with individual managers or entire management staff in every office location. “Outsourcing” literally meant hiring a completely different company to perform a specific task for a...

cloud business management software

Can You Manage Your Entire Business In The Cloud?

  There was a brief time when business people walked around with pagers, sprinting to the nearest payphone when they were away from the office. Seems pretty inconvenient now. Can you imagine doing business without a mobile phone? Most people can hardly imagine leaving the house without it. Many people believe the Cloud will be as ubiquitous as mobile phones in the business...

cash flow software

Solving Cash Flow Problems With POS Software

There is so much that goes into running a business it can quickly become overwhelming. You want to keep customers happy, and you want to put out a quality product. More than likely, you are looking to turn a profit, and even nonprofits need to make enough to stay in business. What if you could help your business in the financial area while also improving every other aspect? With a few changes,...

security software

We Need To Talk About The S-Word: Security

  Security problems are on more than just business owners minds these days. It seems like everyone is at risk: consumers, tech giants, small businesses, even your dear old grandmother. Besides hearing about all the large-scale data leaks on the news, there is plenty of evidence that shows that the majority of companies are at risk. A business risk manager study conducted by...