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Every business need, for everyone. Manage everything on one platform.

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About this Suite

You need a certain level of artistry to manage a business. You need a certain amount of control over your orders and stocks without losing time or profits. Dominating your accounts is crucial to know what goes in and what comes out.

When you need to make decisions, you most certainly don’t rely on “luck” to show you the way to success.

And as if that were not enough, you still need time to keep in touch with your customers, make sure they are getting the best customer service, keep teams motivated and organise thousands of documents that keep piling up.

Art? Being an artist may not cover it. To manage a company you must be able to find it in one place only.

Complete Management

How well do you know your business? Do you know what brings in the money? Are your processes quick and simple?

How well do you know your business? Do you know what brings in the money? Are your processes quick and simple?

With PHC Business FX

  • Easily save and update every customer and supplier
  • Bill everything you need to
  • Manage your stock
  • Make real-time decisions

Create strong and reliable relationships

Are your customers happy? Do you know what is selling the most? Are your external communications personalised one-by-one for each one of your contacts? Is your sales process automatic?


  • Update your customers and leads
  • Record each sales activity for each opportunity
  • Send custom newsletters
  • Analyse and control performance indicators for each salesperson

Team and Project Management

Do you know how long you took to complete your last project? Do you know who does what and when? Is performance being measured?

With PHC Team FX

  • Define the structure of your project
  • Define priorities, ownership and accesses
  • Compare and analyse your budget and expenses
  • Run analyses and control metrics

Customer Support Management

What do your customers say about you? How long does it take for you to answer them? Does your team share their knowledge?

With PHC Service FX

  • Lend your customers support quickly
  • Give support and use one email to do it
  • Know the status of each ticket
  • Analyse and control the support that is being provided

Online Document Management

Are your documents still locked in a company vault? Do you always find the information you need? How long does it take you to find the right information?

With PHC Documents FX

  • Save your documents digitally
  • Attach any document to your records
  • Find what you need, when you need it
  • Define accesses to the area