5 400 companies refer that their projects miss budgets by 45% and are 7% delayed.


Does that apply to you? Is your team organised?

Keep your projects on-time and on-budget. PHC Team FX maximizes your team collaboration and time coordination.

Your projects, like dreams, come true.

Projects and Tasks

A Project’s Dream Team.

Choose a project, select the users, as well as the tasks, items, news, amounts, among others.

Your Project in a Theatre near you.

See what’s on everyones plate. See what everyone is doing and what they’ve been asked to do. Stay in the loop with what your team is working on. Share it with anyone else that might need it.

Your All-Stars Tasks.

All actions on each project. What stage they’re on, their forecast, actual time spent and the owner.

Share Files and Alerts

What you don’t know can hurt you.

This contains important information for everyone involved in the project.

No Back Seat Drivers

Keep everyone up-to-date about who is doing what.

Gather the Flock.

Set the date and it will appear on everyone’s calendar.

Link by Link.

Create links to web pages or internal links to records.


Time Management

Better late than never? Wrong!

Set your appointments, add-in other users and book the venue for the meeting.

Time is money.

Classify tasks that are important and/or urgent.

Budget Control

We kid you not.

Entering project estimates gives you leverage to follow the projects financial performance.

 A penny saved is a penny gained.

Save your estimates and expenses and see real-time metrics and the total amount of the project.

Amazing Analytics. Spot-on Decisions

Global Analyses.

Have a view of all your tasks on what’s on every team members page. Get a grip of what’s going down.

One project, one place only.

Get detailed metrics of every teeny tiny detail to make better decisions.

Hassle-free. More productivity.

Speed up your productivity by getting organised. See all the appointments scheduled for your team in one place only. 

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