Your Point of Sale on any Mobile Device.

Your shop is where your customers are. PHC POS FX offers you the mobility you need to track, share and discover what your customers are really looking for. Whether you want to sell your products in your shop, at a fair or any other location, turn your tablet or smartphone into a Point of Sale device and start billing with no restraints.

Point of Sale

Tablet? Smartphone? PC? Whatever you have on hand.

There are no limits. PHC POS FX works flawlessly on any mobile device so that your business is always open to the public.

Here, there and everywhere. All arranged as you like.

We understand that not all of your products check out the same way. You might be selling a certain item, but probably you’re also buying others. Configure the screens according to your specific business and sales needs quickly and easily.


How is payment done?

Whether it’s cash, bank card, credit card, cheque or wire transfer, one thing is for certain: your customers will be able to pay by whatever method they prefer.

Can one subdivide an account? Yes, you can.

You can not only subdivide and account into sub-accounts, but also assign a different payment method to each one of them. The only thing that you cannot do is get your figures wrong.


What kind of document would you like to issue?

Invoice, Proforma, Credit Note, Debit Note… The choice is yours. All common billing documents are available in PHC POS FX.

Invoice via email? Yes, please.

We don’t only want the make your business more convenient and easy. We also want it to be more ecological. A small gesture like sending an invoice by email make all the difference… for all of us.



Who doesn’t like getting a discount?

Whether you’re applying discounts during the sale process or using automated procedures associated with specific products, provide the flexibility required to manage your business according to your needs.

What? When? Where? Know the numbers.

Do you want to know your sales for the past months? Or compare them with the ones from last year? Calculate the cumulative volume? Get real-time access to business indicators that will help you make better decisions.

Ready for any printer.

Integrated with Google Cloud Print system, the PHC FX POS connects automatically to any printer that has Internet access or is connected to a computer and prints in seconds.

No integrations needed

PHC POS FX includes by default the PHC FX management software.

Don’t waste your time nor money on integration with external applications.

In addition you can choose integrate your POS with an easy-to-use and fast billing solution, or with an All-round Management solution where you can also manage suppliers, stocks and finances besides your billing.

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