PHC Documents FX

Knowledge workers spend from 15% to 35% of their time searching for information.


Does this happen to you? Do you waste precious time?

Use PHC Documents FX to save and attach supplier agreements, customer contracts to tasks or projects. Everything stays connected.

Your business documents are wherever you are. Beautifully organised.

Documents galore!

A Document Flea Market.

Save anything, at any time, in any format that your operating system recognises: keep all your videos, images, e-mails, PDF files, spreadsheets and presentations, a few clicks away.

Say Cheese.

Attach photos to PHC FX, with your webcam or scanner.

Works with your online Documents.

If you use online tools to create or save documents, like Dropbox, Google Docs or Office 365, simply use the URL to link them to PHC FX.

Search Made Easy. Controlled Access

Ace Ventura couldn’t do better searching.

Your documents are tucked away and ready for your click. Lockdown. PHC FX has several levels of security that allow customisation.


Attach your files to a document or keep them stored and indexed for when you need them.

Poder de Escolha.

Pode anexar os seus documentos ao sistema associados a um registo ou não.

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