PHC Business FX

8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months.

Source: Bloomberg

What about your company? Is everything covered?

A complete solution to manage your business top to bottom. PHC Business FX helps you make quick decisions backed up by analytics.

Predict. Manage. Do. Actions you’ll perform with perfection.


Customers and Sales

Know your customer – inside out.

Easily save and update your customer information.

Cash register boost effect.

Issue invoices, cash sales, credit notes, delivery notes and proforma invoices, everything you need to get paid.

Your outlet store.

Issue documents with discounts and give your customers a surprise bonus. They’ll love you!

Suppliers and Purchases

Your own legion of suppliers.

Create an ID file for each supplier.


Insert all purchase documents from the supplier, including invoices, cash sales, credit or debit notes.

Comply with regulation.

Have all your tax rates comply with the rules.

Copycat Purchases.

You won’t have to enter the same information twice, just copy a previous purchase.

Products and Services

Products and Services.

Have all your products and services available to use on documents, proposals, invoices, etc.

Keep the dust off your warehouses.

Have your warehouses neatly organized and cleaned out, manage each product or create services to charge on invoices.

Out of stock?

Manage your stock professionally and never run out of stock. Keep your customers satisfied.

How many orders?

Keep your orders under control. Know how much has been ordered and how much you need to order from your suppliers.

Money and Accounts

The ins and outs.

Keep tabs of your bank accounts, from your checking accounts, fixed-term deposits and credit loan accounts.

Stop stressing about where your money goes.

Indicate where the money goes on each receipt.

Set your accounts straight.

Include account transactions and say what was paid.

Every coin on curfew

Say which bank account was used, the check number and other details. Control what goes out

Your Business in a Nutshell

With tons of analysis, you can have the best control over everything with real-time business metrics.

Decision-making on the go

Performance indicators on your tablet and smartphone


PHC Business FX includes our PHC Dashboard FX product – for free. The external applicant enables you to access all your performance indicators for your business from any mobile device.

Your tablet or smartphone now allow you to: track your sales, compare business projects, explore your customers’ rankings, and many other statistics to help you make informed decisions.

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