PHC Billing FX

Faster invoicing cycles and reduced invoice costs are the top two                          e-invoice benefits.

Institute of Financial Operations

How much time does it take to issue an invoice? How many clicks?

A 100% online system for hassle-free billing. PHC Billing FX helps you create invoices according to your needs and brands your documents in between.

The ABC of getting paid.


No need to cook the books.

Issue invoices, cash sales, credit notes, delivery notes and perform invoices, everything you need to bill your customers.

Open the floodgates and accept every customer.

Easily save and update each and every customer.




When push comes to shove, what matters is if you got paid.

Have a bird’s eye view of each account.

It’s not all about the money.

Issue and print receipts to settle customer accounts.

Face any foe with profit control.

Keep track of every coin on every document.

Products and Services

Products and services without secrets.

A full file of every product or service to use in documents, quotes, etc.

Documents and Analysis

Brand your documents.

If you want to personalise the documents you can draw your own.

Copycat document.

Duplicate and edit previous invoicing documents and bill your customers.

 Analyses! Your Business Compass.

With a ton of analyses, totally adaptable to what you need, you can have the best control over with real-time business metrics.


Decision-making on the go

Performance indicators on your tablet and smartphone


PHC Business FX includes our PHC Dashboard FX product – for free. The external applicant enables you to access all your performance indicators for your business from any mobile device.

Your tablet or smartphone now allow you to: track your sales, compare business projects, explore your customers’ rankings, and many other statistics to help you make informed decisions.

Itching for more

See everything PHC Billing FX can do to help you get paid. Click here!


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