PHC Service FX

Don’t just give answers. Give solutions.

Manage your customer service requests and create unique solutions.

Do all this, with your email.

  • Tickets

    Ticket Management.

    See who placed the request, date and time, the type of ticket, the priority, the dialogues and users involved, among other actions. The heart of your support system helps you find the best solution.

    Open an Internal Document/Item Sheet

    The case has been solved, now what? If you have PHC Business FX or PHC Billing FX you can charge customers for being Sherlock Holmes.

    Automation made Easy

    Speedy support and greater control. Automate business rules to treat cases pronto! Tag the source, send email alerts automatically or invoicing the service are three actions you can do without breaking a sweat.

    Open Tickets Automatically or Manually

    It’s up to you! Tickets can be neatly organized to follow the circuit automatically. But, if for any reason you don’t want them to, you can always do it manually.

    Attribute an Owner and Allocate Time

    Who will answer? Choose who will be responsible for the ticket and allocate time.  Go back and use that information to analyse and improve your performance.

  • Email integration.

    Dedicated Support Email

    Your support email address can be customised to make it more personal. Pick the name of your address and spread it across the globe. Your company is one of a kind, your email should be also. Kind of clever, we know.

    Reply to the email

    All answers and dialogues are sent to the email that made the request.

    Receive Requests from any Channel

    Send a reply from any device on the go, mobile phone or tablet to support your customers instantly! Everything is saved on PHC FX and starts the ticket circuit.

  • Dialogues Conversations


    Every dialogue gets tucked away somewhere, properly. So, whenever you need to, go back and view your conversation.

    Dialogue Time Control

    Date Opened, Real Time Spent or the Source of the Request is data you can (and need to) control. Use them to get metrics or save the time you spent on each customer.

    Save the Solution 

    Is your answer the solution? If it is, save it and look it up next time. It’s available to everyone so your team will thank you. Its knowledge that grows with you!

  • Newsletters

    Custom Newsletters

    Create electronic newsletters and custom emails automatically. Your customers will love them.

    Snazy Newsletters

    Go the extra mile… If you know HTML, PHC Service FX allows you to build and send newsletters.


    Use your leads, account and contact information. Create filters for sending customised messages and send them all at once.

    Interaction history

    At any moment, see all the newsletters sent to each contact. Everything is recorded on the account and contact file.

  • Analytics and Monitors


    Hundreds of customisable analyses, to control business indicators and monitoring the performance of each sales rep or the team as a whole.


    Centralise information on monitors, imagine it as any normal site, click to see more data and browse to the information detail.

    Service Monitor

    This monitor manages tickets that are not attributed, open tickets, delayed tickets and you can browse to the tickets.

    Ticket Monitor

    This monitor helps you manage the ticket, it displays the dialogues, shows other tickets for the account, among other things.

    Service Search Monitor

    This monitor is a knowledge database that allows you to run searches related to all tickets and dialogues.

  • Other Features

    Customise areas

    To keep things in tune with your software areas.

    Holiday table

    The holiday table alerts you for public holidays when you’re making appointments or creating activities.

    Next Actions

    Once you’re done, the system suggests your following steps. And you can personalise the most logical steps for your business.

    User management with access and passwords

    Have the number of users necessary and define what they can see.

    Simultaneous Users

    Have licenses for the number of users that use the software simultaneously only.

    Desktop and information panels

    Have shortcuts on your desktop and drag information there to have what you use most on hand.

    Favourite and recent actions

    Save recent actions on each form to speed up task completion.

    Quick links and recent forms

    Drag a favourite action to the shortcut bar and keep it a click away.

    Design your own templates

    If you want to personalise the documents you can draw your own. Brand your proposal.


    With different companies, just choose which one you want to work with when you login.


    Choose a PHC FX database in English, Spanish or Portuguese.  Different users can use their own language.

    Startup Wizard

    A start-up assistant streamlines the initial configuration of data so that you can start working seconds after you subscribe.

    Delete several records

    Delete a set of records of a table. This is great for data import of external files. If needed, throw in the towel and start again.

    User Backups

    Backups…always. We take care of them but you can do your own and save it on your local drive.

  • Integration with PHC Business FX and PHC Billing FX

    If you use PHC CRM FX together with the customer area of PHC Business FX or PHC Billing FX, integrate the system into several areas, for example, share the salesperson file, transform quotes into orders or invoice a customer, convert an account to a customer, and much more.

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