What is PHC FX?

PHC FX is a complete business solution, 100% online!

Sistema PHC FX


Business SoftwareIt is a unique experience, developed everyday with top notch technology. This gives your business more action, options and, most importantly, bullet-proof answers to every question.

So, what is PHC FX? It’s your business taken from fragile to agile in one minute!



How well do you know your business?

Ask yourself:

Who are your top 5 customers?

Did you go over Budget?

Which contact works better for me?


Because it’s integrated, it has answers for everything!



With PHC FX, you will

  • Manage Everything
  • Create Leads and Keep Customers Happy
  • Finish Projects Reach Goals
  • Boost Team Productivity
  • Provide Stellar Customer Support
  • Manage your Documents Online
  • Make your decisions on-the-go
  • All your information, integrated
  • Super-charged Technology
  • Easy to Use and Easy to Learn
  • Teeny Tiny Investment
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Safe Access and Data Security


Where You Are

Your company is where your are, always. A simple Internet connection gives you access to your information instantly. Don’t waste time.



Relax. We’ve got it under control. We take care of installation, maintenance, security and backups. 24h a day, the PHC FX DataCenter and their team of experts work to make sure your software is always available and 100% safe.


Pay as you grow.

Save your pennies. PHC FX shrinks or expands to fit your size. No two companies are the the same, so you have total freedom to make it the size you need. There’s no need to tie the knot.  And you can throw in the towel when you want.


Unique experience

It’s tailored to fit you best. Windows, options and shortcuts move intuitively. It takes you to your next steps and reminds you of your favorite actions. It grows at your pace and needs.

What are PHC FX Editions?

Editions vary in features offered and customisation.

Every business tells their own story so we developed two editions: the PHC FX net Edition and the PHC FX max Edition. If your business grows, they grow, giving you the freedom to choose what fits you best.


Your business in a league of its own.

Small & Simple.

PHC FX net EditionSimple and intuitive, PHC FX net Edition is specially targeted for small companies. Zero configuration equals zero complication. Customise every detail in every corner.



Powerful & Personal.

PHC FX max EditionPHC FX max edition is ideal for companies that need more advanced features. This edition combines all the features of PHC FX net Edition with the dynamics of a custom system, making it an excellent option for companies looking to use their own identity.

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Are you a Mac lover? Do you use Windows or Linux?

Whatever bakes your potato. It doesn’t matter!

PHC FX was built to run on any operating system. With such a universal, simple and intuitive user experience, you don’t have to change overnight. We’ve go it all in writing!

Wherever you are

Get your freedom back, be updated regularly and most importantly – do what you love the most.


Wherever You Are

Here, there, everywhere. If you’ve got Internet, you’ve got your business with you. That is that.

Need to send an invoice? See report stats? Take a look at your schedule? Answer a ticket? Do whatever you have to, wherever you have to.

PHC Billing FX

Run (literally) after opportunities.


The Perks?

  • Unique User Experience. On any Browser.
  • No installation needed. 100% online.
  • No maintenance. Regular Backups.
  • 24 hour surveillance. Locked DataCenter.
  • Privacy secured. Accesses Restricted.


PHC Dashboard FX. PHC FX analytics on your tablet.

Decisions need to be made, everyday. Sometimes, they don’t choose the best time or place. Monitor your sales, compare opportunities, know your customer ranking and tame your accounts. Have all your analytics, metrics and indicators available in real-time on your tablet or laptop.
Meet PHC Dashboard FX.

Award is PHC FX’s middle name

PHC FX has already won several awards.

Software Premiado

Best Cloud Service

EuroCloudPHC FX won the prize for Best Cloud Service awarded by EuroCloud Portugal. The international organization aimed at promoting and developing Cloud Computing technologies considered PHC FX the best Portuguese SaaS product. PHC received the prize with a great sense of responsibility and enthusiasm.



Adobe Success Story


Adobe Success Story

“PHC presented a unique challenge, with a different application compared to what the company has developed so far which will help revolutionise the market for business solutions” Nuno Rocha, Director – Adobe Portugal.




Microsoft Success Story

Microsoft believes that PHC FX is a true success story. We believe this to be a strategic bet for a very significant pool of companies which can now benefit from the excellence of PHC Software, anyplace, anytime and supported by Microsoft technology.” Cláudia Goya, Managing Director – Microsoft Portugal.

 Your content. Your answers. Your videos. Your services.

An exclusive place for customers.



 Whatever you need.

At myPHC FX find answers for your questions, training, and software updates, check for news and updates, read the manuals and make service requests.

Be 100% autonomous at myPHC FX. And if you need support, it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.







Independent Learning

We created a knowledge base to let you get more out of your software.

Go through the user manuals to clarify your questions and doubts, get deeper knowledge of every form and every feature with videos and training tutorials or hit the books to learn different areas of the application.




Always up-to-date

To keep you in the loop, we publish news updates regularly. This news also tell you about upgrades or other updates to your PHC FX application.

You can even be a part of the building process. Send suggestions to our programmers on myPHC FX. Our customers decide what happens next.


PHC FX Engine

With PHC FX Engine all users of PHC FX will have their external applications integrated with their software. This will keep you and your Company in sync with market needs.

PHC FX Developer Partners are responsible for all developments that make our Customers fast and agile.

Database security is a PHC FX system priority. And that is why our system architecture only allows previously authorized accesses by their users.


This platform guarantees a safe and secure access from external applications to your data. This allows you to create solutions you might need to streamline your day.

Do you want to be a PHC FX Developer Partner?

How much does it cost?

To use external applications you need to subscribe PHC Engine FX, an API that integrates other applications with PHC FX. The price indicated here does not include the external application.


PHC FX net Edition


Monthly Equivalent for annual payments

(£68 yearly)


Monthly Payment


PHC FX max Edition


Monthly Equivalent for annual payments

(£136 yearly)


Monthly Payment

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No download needed, it’s 100% online.

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