PHC FX is sold through a network of certified partners.

All PHC FX Partners, are trained and certified to offer a complete and integrated service, fit to suit your needs.

We believe that the perfect cake mix is the best application combined with the best service. To keep the parameters high, PHC Software periodically verifies the service quality of each Partner, thereby preventing unsatisfied customers.


There are four types of PHC FX Partners:


Sales PHC FX Partner


This Partner only takes care of selling PHC FX solutions. Once the customer starts using the system, support is given by a PHC FX Support Partner.

You will then have experts available to help you boost your business.



Support PHC FX Partner

supportThis Partner supports customers that close a deal with a Sales Partner. The customer can also choose to have implementation, training and after-sales support.




Total PHC FX Partner


A PHC FX Total Partner is certified to sell, implement and support PHC FX in every aspect. This Partner takes part of the sale, training and implementation, and gives support.

They will be by your side in every after-sale issue.



Developer PHC FX Partner


A PHC FX Developer Partner is an entrepreneur or company, screened by PHC to develop external applications with PHC FX Engine.

This Partner creates external applications built and designed to fit your needs.


  • Why be a PHC FX Partner?

    PHC has enough gray hair experience to offer a pro-active and exciting business opportunity for potential partners to increase sales productivity.

    We provide the right tools to help you succeed.

    We’re with you step by step.
    We’re with you in the trenches. We’re standing by your side on every deal.

    Competition Galore.
    There is loads of competition. To make a difference, you have to stand out and be ready, with the right tools.

    Take a stroll through life.
    Everything is online, so maintenance and support can be done from any desk on planet earth.
    This also streamlines implementations. Cut back on travel time for implementations and get back more feedback from your customers.

    I want to be a PHC FX Partner

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