PHC FX max Edition

Need tools with an edge? Customised configurations?

Get to know the PHC FX max Edition.

Compound products 

New AnalysesDo you have Kits? Packages? Items sold in batches?

PHC FX Max Edition has space for all that. All you have to do is let PHC FX know you want to use them and on which documents.



Data Explorer 

Data ExplorerBring out the Columbus in you. Search the information you need the most. At the end, you can always save your search so you never forget the path you’re on.



  • Generic features

    User Fields

    You can add more fields to save valuable information about your company. You can even choose the type of field: character, text, numeric, date, etc.


    Mandatory Fields

    Keep all details in check. Don’t forget to have mandatory fields and avoid missing valuable information.


    Data Dictionary

    You can see the structure of a table and see the data related to it.


    Data Explorer

    Search and cross vital information and see view your data on a table with information related to it. Then print or export the data to spreadsheets.

  • Specific PHC Business FX features

    Exchange rates and currencies

    Define new currencies and the price to buy/sell them. Select the customer’s currency when you create a new customer.



    It’s just that simple: you can post a check payment, control pre-dated checks, control check deposits…


    Compound Products

    These are just items that are composed of other items. You can call them compound products, kits, packages, whatever suits you or your business best.



    This feature allows you to create a head-office and branches of one customer or supplier.


    Unlimited Documents

    Because no two companies are the same, PHC Business FX max Edition allows you to create as many invoicing and internal documents you need.


    Overdue Customer Payments

    Cancel orders and invoicing for customers with late payments. Just mark them as a bad payer and avoid receiving more orders from customers with debts.



    PHC FX max Edition has global analytics regarding customers, purchases, invoicing, banking, among others.


  • Specific PHC CRM FX features

    User filters

    Access to documents can be given by their internal reference or user code.


  • PHC FX net edition vs. PHC FX max edition


    Design your own templates
    Access and Password Management
    Startup Wizard
    User Backups
    Delete several records at once
    Favorite and recent actions
    Desktop and information panels
    Maps defined by the user on any form
    Emails sent from PHC FX – Daily limit 1000 emails 7000 emails
    User fields
    Mandatory fields
    Data explorer

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