With PHC FX Engine all users of PHC FX will have their external applications integrated with their software. This will keep you and your Company in sync with market needs.


PHC FX EnginePHC FX Developer Partners are responsible for all developments that make our Customers fast and agile.





  • See how much PHC FX costs.

    To use external apps, you need to subscribe PHC FX Engine, the integration API for PHC FX . This price does not include the external application.

    PHC FX net Edition

    €6,75 / £5,70

    With an annual payment (€81 / £68)


    €9 / £7,60

    Monthly plan


    PHC FX max Edition

    €13,5 / £11,5

    With an annual payment (€162/£136)


    €18 / £15,5

    Monthly plan


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