75% of decision makers said that clear and current performance indicators substantially improve their businesses


PHC Dashboard FX – The right decisions on the go.

Track your sales, compare business projects, explore your customers’ rankings and gain insight into the heart of your business. Get all available analytics, indicators and statistics on any mobile device.

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    Automatic free integration with all PHC FX products
    PHC Dashboard FX is an external application belonging to the PHC FX system. It is comes by default with any product and allows you to use any mobile device to access all performance indicators for your business from any mobile device.

    User management
    Manage the number of users that can access PHC Dashboard FX from within PHC FX.

    Group-based Analytics Panel
    This Panel provides you with an overview of your company. It shows you the relevant business areas, tells you the number of analyses performed and lets you check them on the spot.

    Tablet devices running iOS (iPad), Android or Windows 8, as well as Mac or PC desktop environments.

    Multiple language support
    The software is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

    Multiple company support
    If you have multiple databases in your PHC FX system, PHC Dashboard FX allows you to specify which companies (associated with your installation) you would like to look at.

    Flexible colour scheme
    Simply tap to choose whether you want your app to be colourful or to use a neutral colour scheme.

    Favourite and recent actions
    All analyses you have run recently are kept in the ‘Recent’ group to make your user experience as easy as possible.

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