Explore a world of new features in PHC FX.

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PHC FX is blooming…
We call each system update a PHC FX Next Wave.
And you’ll love it’s new features!
See them here.


criar pdf
Create PDF files with just one click
Time is money, so the less clicks the more productive you’ll be. PHC FX uses your last-chosen report as a default template. Like that, you’ll save time and get “straight to business”.


Exporte listagens
Export your analyses to PDF
Print your analyses. Print them, take them with you to a meeting, share them with your team or review them in a different format.



Other features in this PHC FX Next Wave!

Preview lists and edit them
Create or change your lists. After saving your lists, you don’t need to print preview them. Just click on edit mode and export your previews to: PDF, spreadsheet, text or image processor. It’s up to you!

Edit your reports before printing
Your report printer is now “cleverer”, we changed its behavior. Now, the number of copies to print changes according to the number of duplicates defined in the report. Printing is now quicker and easier!

Early or retroactive posting of recurring invoices
Bill your invoices early. Only retroactive billing was available so you could only issue invoices after the invoicing period ended. Keep your business flexible.

Cancel Documents
Cancel your documents easily. There is no need to cancel a previous document before creating a new one. When a document canceled, all transactions are also canceled. Simple and easy.

Underlined URL and sub-total in reports
Your reports were perfected. URL’s are highlighted when printed. You can also add sub-totals to your reports, so that every cent counts!

Editing when Copying Documents
Imagine a world that allows you to drag lines from an old document to a new one. With this Drag & Drop option you can select what you want and drag it to wherever it’s needed. Intuitive business intelligence made easy.

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