A brand new business needs a brand new identity…fresh and unique!

documents cloud


Millions of invoices are sent every day – and they all seam part of the same haystack, you have all of them.

Well ok, one or two might catch your eye. But you probably haven’t seen one in a long time.

If receiving invoices is already a pain, trying to filter them from other documents is a nightmare. It makes you look twice at who sent the moldy, unpleasant piece of paper that would make tax returns seam like art. To add to the fun, you can’t figure out what they’re actually charging?

To make the party a festival, the vendor is new so you have no name or credentials on your system.

And to start throwing fireworks, the same goes for every other document that is sent from that company.

You get the point: back to you and your start-up. This is why we wrote this article.

Listen carefully: Every cloud has a silver lining, and the solution to this problem is

standing out.

And this shouldn’t be news. If you venture out, then you want to do just that, stand out. You might have a new idea, or a concept with great potential, or a breakthrough product, or a different approach…

Then do that with your documents also, with any email, piece of paper, form or object, real or virtual, that is sent with your name or company brand. They are also your brand.


Your business software can be your biggest ally. Most SaaS software (Software as a Service, web based applications) allow you to customize your documents, like invoices, for example.

In a matter of minutes, your documents can wear your brand, proudly. These applications now include a ton of new interfaces and the latest trends in digital design, to make it a fun experience.

See the benefits yet? We’ll leave you with a teaser here: Did you know that most American companies pay vendors to make their invoices user friendly, different and intelligent?

It goes to say that if these giants feel the need to invest time to brand their documents, it might not be a bad idea!

The only difference is that, in your case, your investment is very low. Customization comes with the product, and the pricing is affordable. Here’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Your return on investment might not be immediate.

However, if at least one or two of your customers get your friendly looking invoice and talk about it at the water fountain, wouldn’t that be worth a little trouble?

At the end of the day, this possibility is sitting on your lap at a very affordable price.

So, don’t have a stuffy and messy start-up with documents that will make your phone book look like heaven. Stand out!

Make fun, customized documents that wear your brand proudly.