In true St. Patrick spirit, let’s look into how to find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


There is something hard about finding priceless leads that constitute priceless buyers. But not everyone who fills out your contact form, attends a webinar, clicks through your email or even asks for more information deserves your attention. You have to be attentive to buying behaviour and to the real reason that takes you to that lead.


Ask yourself the hard questions. Have they shown genuine interest in what you sell? Does their company profile suit your offer? Their intent may save you and your sales valuable time on your follow-up formula and advance real intent to the next stage.

Pot full of golden coins

To do that consider these tips:

1. Know your customer

Look up their company manifesto and dig into their sales results. Does their growth establish solid grounds for them to seek your company’s service?  Even if they don’t, can you identify potential reasons they may need to seek you? Do your homework. And even then remember that a new contact deserves different attention to someone that is already moving down your pipeline, so create a tier of account managers to handle different prospects.


2. Know your objective

Are you trying to score a specific asset? Are you certain of their needs? What you are trying to achieve will dictate your tone and their call to action. So, profile! Profiling is a great way to collect data and mitigating if your nurture strategy is worthwhile.

3. Share your steps

If your sales is following up from a certain program, make sure everyone is synced in. Bumping and stumbling over each other, is a sure sign of poor leadership and bad team management and your customer will notice. Lock out any unnecessary collisions by keeping everyone part of the lead management process.


4. Remember your relevance

Customise your emails and make your auto responders sound human. Make sure you know how they interacted with you or what they downloaded. Make your reason for contact purposeful and keep track of their history.


5. Respect the journey

There is a reason for first contact. A reason you might not know at first but a reason you have to analyse and understand. Two buying processes will never be the same, so unlocking pains and hardships that took your lead to your front door is the key to tailoring your sale.


The journey to finding your gold is long but the road to great sales is made up of different paths. This is just one. Watch our free webinar on how to close the deal with a worthy proposal.