Increasing market share in global markets is not easy, especially in a competitive segment or if you’re embarking on an aggressive global growth strategy driven by new products, market expansion and you want a globally consistent brand image.

brand awareness

An innovative and challenging marketing strategy aims to improve awareness of the brand and highlight the superiority of its products. Sounds nice we know, we’re all looking to achieve the same.

What we don’t know is how, or at least some know a little more than others. There is always something that someone else does that trumps whatever others do. And do you know what it is? It’s pairing consistency with great ideas and building a reliable, yet spicy brand that sets the standard and still brings in new ideas, new paths and changes the world forever.

On your end, you should think hard about being the game changer because business tools have the consistency covered.

Plant your brand and leave seeds everywhere

There is something they do that you can’t get done anywhere else, that is use your brand consistently and considerably across several platforms. It’s hard to get every communication out there with you pasted all over it but people are known to be visual, therefore, every piece of paper, or every item sent to inboxes must read YOU all over it. To do that you can use custom HTML and CSS settings most tools provide, or use their templates and just add your logo. You only have to open and copy it, and create it once. So when you want to send an email or send an invoice, replicate the same layout over and over again. Oh, and don’t forget your service tickets. When customer request support they know who is answering when they open their email because it’s customised to look like YOU.

This is brand synergy.

Synergy is where the combination of communication of a brand leads to awareness that is potentially outstanding. Your brand stands out from the crowd. You are passionate about your brand, and want to show it off, so you do, and that’s fine because the customer recognizes a brand it can trust. These qualities fit perfectly with a company’s core values of being creative, innovative and doing things differently.

It’s also part of the Promotion in the 4 P’s isn’t it? If your invoice makes a desk look prettier because it stands out with your logo, it could be the right time to start considering putting your logo everywhere. You know where to find a Starbucks shop on every stop right? Because the green coffee lady glares at every caffeine addict. She’s noticeable because she’s on the cup. She stands out on the sugar sachet and loves to decorate the seat you sit on. She even sits on every serviette thrown in the bin. Starbucks doesn’t mind because Starbucks loves their brand. You should too.