Yes, your online account is available through the site. You can access the application with a unique URL. You don’t have to memorize the address, it’s provided on the site (on the top right corner on the home page)

This features is not available if you are using a trial version of PHC FX.



Can I buy it?


PHC FX is sold only as a rental and hosted on a Datacenter selected by PHC.

When you choose PHC FX, Datacenter hosting, Database, Security and Backups are included in the price, they are safe 24/7, including Upgrades, Unlimited Traffic, Continuous Training and Interactive Manuals.

See what PHC FX has to offer here!

Get acquainted with these “waves” of features.


We call system upgrades PHC FX Next Waves. PHC updates your system with new features so that you are always working with the latest features and newest version. These “waves” of features are our gift to you to make your software as hip and in-sync as possible.

Everything happens automatically with zero hardware incompatibilities, messy installations or additional cost. We take care of all of that. We bring in the tide and dock every feature to make you the best of the best.

It’s updated daily!


myPHC FX was created exclusively for PHC FX customers. It is updated daily with the latest news. You can also find user manuals, video tutorials, articles about PHC FX and ask for service requests, like, for example: change your Bank Account Number or run database backups.

To enter this wonderful world, go to myPHC FX and enter your login details delivered with your subscription. If your head is in the clouds and you’ve mistaken where you placed your password, you can always request a new one.

PHC FX is multi-company system which gives you flexibility and maximum savings.


Yes. PHC FX is a multi-company so when you login, you can choose the company you want to work with. The only exception is that each company must have their own database. You don’t have to buy a new product for each company, just re-distribute your user licenses according to your needs. With this multi-company system, PHC FX gives you the flexibility you need to save time and money.

Follow these simple steps.


PHC FX helps you recover your password quickly!

To do that just save your e-mail on the Startup Wizard so that it is registered on the User form.

Define an e-mail


Then, to request your password by e-mail, follow these simple steps:
– on the login form click on “If your forgot your Password, click here!”

If you forgot your password click here!


– a form appears where you will have to enter your login name and click “Send e-mail”

Send e-mail


Immediately information is received to access PHC FX.
This is a quick way to get your password reset, making this procedure very secure.



The Start-up Wizard gives you a hand. It´s easy!


When you start using PHC FX, a Start-up Wizard is displayed. This tool gives you access to Tutorials, Training Materials, PHC FX’s Facebook page and myPHC FX.










With a few simple steps, choose your favourite colour, font size, type of user, change the password and save your e-mail.

Change password









Like this you can quickly customise your PHC FX from the top and adjust it to your needs and make it your own unique experience!

Your data security means the world to us


Your data’s security is just as important to us as it is for you.

With PHC FX you get the best of the best.
The importance of safety leads us to host PHC FX on the best and most secure datacenter. This is where security is taken to the extreme.

Locked Datacenter.
Our servers are protected with 24 hours daily surveillance. Only authorised technicians are allowed to access the datacenter.

Super-Safe Data.
The data is secured by a firewall, that shields it from intruders and unauthorised access.

A firewall acts as a barrier between the server and the Internet, examining all data that goes in or comes out of the server. Its firewall is monitored 24 hours a day by security experts.

Trusted Back-ups.
Periodically, a backup is made by an independent service. As a precaution measure backups are stored in different locations to guarantee 100% storage of all the information. It’s called geographical redundancy, ensuring your data protection.

SSL means Secure Socket Layer, and this means a protocol is used to exchange information that allows authentication, confidentiality and data integrity transmission over the Internet. Nowadays, the SSL protocol is the most commonly used method to guarantee information exchange. Its success is in part due to its ease of use and browser integration.

Your Data… Off Limits.
Only a restricted group of authorized technical experts accesses the data exclusively for maintenance tasks only. And even this restricted group of employees sign Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Registered Access.
Along with restricted access to the data, that neither PHC support staff or Partners can access without authorisation, all accesses are logged to prevent any type of unauthorised access. So you see, security and confidentiality is taken very seriously.

A service for those who know that time is money.


Your business needs flexibility and agility. PHC FX Self Service delivers the best of both.
We all know that time is money, so throw out the paperwork and endless bureaucracy. If you want something done…you don’t have to wait! Go to myPHC FX. With this pre-built solution you’ll stop waiting on someone else for tasks like: changing your Bank Account Number or running your system database backup.”

Keep your company in full throttle.

What do I need to get started?


PHC Service FX is a ticket system that creates Requests and Dialogs from emails automatically.
If your system is properly configured, tickets, owner attribution and answers are all created automatically.


What is a Ticket?
Tickets can be simple requests for information, technical support problem, assistance requests, or any other request by anyone in your organization.
A ticket saves the request which is handled/treated by Dialogs. These dialogs represent the interventions that are provided by the company or customer, by email or manually.
Your customers are called Accounts and you should save their records at the option provided at the Service menu.

What is an Account?
Each account can be a record of a person or a company. If it is a company, create a record with the person you deal with most. Newsletters are the format of the email you will use to communicate with your customers.

Note: You can use other names, to adapt each form to your company’s reality.

You can also create Items and save them as Families. You can use them to add services to Item sheets or time spent on each service.
PHC Service FX Configuration
First you should create a Default email of your company. This account will create tickets automatically. Your system will receive the email and complete the process automatically.

Note: You cannot create email accounts on a trial version. Use the email provided when you subscribed, although this will be the main email of the company that creates tickets automatically.

You can configure other settings, like defining the Types of Tickets. You can also define the Ticket Priorities to scale those that are more or less urgent.
How does PHC Service FX work?
It’s really easy. We’ll exemplify with a customer named ABC, INC., where a record is created on the form Accounts. Then you create a record of a contact person at the company called Mr. John. For this feature to work properly, you need to save Mr. John’s email.

So, whenever Mr. John sends you an email, PHC FX will receive it and create a ticket automatically. The email account used here is the one entered when the trial is requested.

Imagine if Mr. John sent an email to the account

PHC Service FX will automatically open a ticket with the text sent in the email, when an email is found that matches the address saved at the Account or Contact record. That ticket will be associated to Mr. John’s company.


As you can see in the image, if you’re not using the Trial, you can create an account with an email for each group of users. When you provide those emails to your accounts, tickets are attributed to a person of that group with the most availability.

That user will receive an alert (from a PHC Service FX Newsletters) with the information of the request. The email can now be replied from the Account.


PHC Service FX will receive that email and create a new dialog with the answer of the owner.

The entire system works with emails – receiving requests and sending replies.
Each dialog or request triggers alerts to the owner of the request and to the account/contact.

To help manage the workflow process, PHC Service FX provides Monitors:

Have you seen the Monitors?
Service Monitor
This monitor manages tickets that are not attributed, open tickets, delayed tickets and you can browse to the tickets.

Ticket Monitor
This monitor helps you manage the ticket, it displays the dialogs, shows other tickets for the account, among other things.

Service Search Monitor
This monitor is a knowledge database that allows you to run searches related to all tickets and dialogs.



Centralise information and browse like a site, click to see more data and browse to the details.


PHC´s answer to web 2.0


PHC FX was designed with different technologies in its pipeline. They all received our seal of approval for their credibility and security, to deliver the best application.

PHC FX is a business software, with Rich Internet Applications. Access to your business tools are allowed on any browser, at any time, on any operating system with an enhanced user experience.

Feel the Technology! Look at it move.
The technology used is Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR. It is compatible with any PC with Flash Player 11 or higher (which is 95 % of all computers worldwide, according to Adobe) and can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux. It will leave you feeling on top of the world.

Technology locked under the hood.
On the server, meaning, the intermediate layer, services were developed with Microsoft .NET technology that allow the customer to communicate with its data, over the Internet.
On the database, the PHC FX platforms supports Microsoft SQL Server but it was built to support any database in the future.


What our Tech Partners think?

PHC FX is a Success Story.
PHC internationally recognised by Adobe.

“We are very satisfied with the application created by PHC. We are taken aback by what programmers and software designers do with the tools we create. PHC FX was another great surprise by applying new business software tools.

Nuno Rocha
Managing Director


PHC FX is a Success Story.


Microsoft believes PHC FX is a true success story.

“It is an honor for Microsoft to be part of this story. We believe this is a strategic bet for a very significant pool of companies which can now benefit from the excellence of PHC Software, at any place and at any time with the support of Microsoft’s technology”.

Cláudia Goya
Managing Director of Microsoft Portugal

Or are they charged?


There is no need to do creative accounting to get the latest version, it’s all included.

PHC ensures that the service provided stays in tune with current needs and implements them automatically, free of charge. Which means that you will have access to the latest version with fully developed and tested features.

We call these new features the Next Wave. PHC FX is already a cool ride, the Next Wave PHC FX is coming to kick it into gear. We work every day to make the perfect software to keep you ahead of the game, and with each Next Wave, PHC FX takes one step closer.

The trial period gives you a genuine experience to PHC FX with some restrictions to tutorials and training.

The 12 day trial period gives you full access to PHC FX. The trial version is a clear and authentic experience of what PHC FX has to offer and you’ll have unlimited access to fully test it, to make sure it’s going to meet your business needs.

The only limitations are small technical configurations of the system. So, during this period:

– You cannot change, create or brand your templates;
– All printings have a copyright symbol – “Training Version”;
– You cannot change configurations;
– Access to tutorials and training (myPHC FX) is exclusive to PHC FX customers;
– You cannot import files, change company data or profiles.

Try PHC FX here! Help us make it better, send us your ideas.

All your information on your PHC FX


In 4 simple steps, import all your business information to PHC FX with a CSV file. To correctly import data, please refer to the tab “Tips for import” and to the “Data Dictionary” with codes and descriptions of the fields of the tables.

As you can see, PHC FX was designed to help you every step of the way. Open the menu System » Utilities » Data Transfer to Server and choose the option to import. If you are a customer – go to myPHC FX and see video tutorials or open the Encyclopedia and read more about it.

What´s different?


Digitally signed PDF documents are free with PHC FX and it is included in any PHC FX Edition, so you can use electronic invoices according to legal requirements. If your customer agrees, you won’t have to send the paper version. Just print the invoice as a “Digitally Signed PDF” and send it!

At myPHC FX you will find tutorials and manuals that explain step by step how to digitally sign all your documents.

This feature increases savings, security and control in your business.

So easy!


In just a few minutes, you can export all the information you need from PHC FX. The transfer is done, by default, to a CSV file, but if you prefer you can save “space” by exporting it in a compressed version.

All of your precious information is safe and secure. Before export data from a table, protect it with a password. Open the menu System » Utilities » Entity Transfer » Entity Transfer and see how easy and simple it is to export data from PHC FX.

Choose the edition that fits you best


We call different versions of PHC FX, Editions. Every business tells their own story so we developed two editions: the PHC FX net Edition and the PHC FX max Edition.


If your business grows, they grow, giving you the freedom to choose what fits you best. PHC FX net Edition, our entry level product that’s simple and easy to use, which has no need for installs or any mad scientists. PHC FX max Edition brings out all the guns for you to customise your system with more advanced and dynamic features.


Design your own templates
Access and Password Management
Startup Wizard
User Backups
Delete records in a row
Favorite and recent actions
Desktop and information panels
Maps defined by the user on any form
Sending emails from PHC FX Daily limit 1000 emails 7000 emails
User fields
Mandatory fields
Data Explorer
User filters with internal reference

The solution about login information can be in your inbox.


If you’re still waiting for a reply by PHC, confirm that our email is safe-listed to avoid being blocked in Spam Folders.


Open your Spam Folder and accept our email to be sent directly to your inbox. If that is not the problem, please get in touch with us again.



Is it my browser?


If you have problems with your login form to PHC FX, it might not have anything to do with your browser but with the cache stored in memory.

Follow these 5 simple steps:


1. Open your usual browser and press “Ctrl + Shift + Del”


2. A window will appear on your screen with the message: “Clear history” (Google Chrome), “Clear all History” (Mozilla Firefox) or “Delete Browsing History” (Internet Explorer)


3. Select all actions that appear in this window


4. Click “Clear”


5. Insert the URL again


If after this procedure you still have problems viewing your login form, get in touch with us.


What can I do?


There are several reasons for that to happen:
1. Going back to re-check your data might seem pointless, but it’s always a great option. Data access is case-sensitive, so if “Caps Lock” is on, the software will not recognise your login data.


2. Your trial experience is valid for 12 days only, so this period may have expired. If this is the case, you can ask for a new trial period here. No commitment!


3. You may be having browser problems. Re-start it and try again. If this still doesn’t work, try clearing your cache. Follow these 5 simple steps, here.


4. PHC FX can be used on Windows, Max or Linux but your Flash Player must be up-to-date. Verify which version you have installed and update it.
If none of the above applies, please send an email to




With PHC Engine FX all users of PHC FX will have their external applications integrated with their software. This will keep you and your Company in sync with market needs.


PHC FX Developer Partners are responsible for all developments that make our Customers fast and agile.


Database security is a PHC FX system priority. And that is why our system architecture only allows previously authorized accesses by their users.


If you already are a Customer and need to have an API developed, contact a PHC FX Developer Partner. They are there to put you in full throttle.


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