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“Legal changes in 2009 and the need for new features made us look for a better solution”

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15 years ago, the Internet was prospering as a leading communication vehicle and Wiz Interactive was being created in Cascais, a creative marketing and digital communication agency, that has gathered 76 awards along the way.

Wiz provides different services to companies that need to communicate, by using the latest tools and technology. They have a large customer portfolio so using a business solution is key to their organization.

After growing in numbers they needed to get more out of their business solution. Compliment with legal requirements and access to their information from any place and any computer were at the top of their list. PHC FX guaranteed both. The biggest advantage was the ability to make quick decisions and be in the know, anywhere.

“We know exactly how our accounts are. We can quickly extract the information we need, be it unpaid invoices, when we get paid or get a list of all our customers and suppliers. Today, I wonder: How did we live without this until 2009?” – Nuno Silva, owner of Wiz.

As soon as we found PHC FX, we knew for sure it was what we needed.

Nuno Silva, Wiz Interactive