Redshift Consulting

“The first invoice was ready 1 or 2 hours later.”

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    Windows and Mac

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    PHC Business FX
    PHC Dashboard FX

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Redshift found PHC FX when they were looking for a solution that gave them ease of access and mobility, features that were vital for this start-up. They were users of PHC platforms in other companies and they chose PHC FX for its simplicity, quick implementation and investment benefits.

After seeing a presentation of PHC FX, the subscription process was simple and their start-up ran smoothly thanks to the support of their PHC FX Partner.

Another reason that made their starting process easier, were the self-paced video tutorials provided by PHC, that helped eliminate user learning curves.
João Manso states that: “It has never stalled, the service provided is excellent.”

They have been up and running for a few weeks only, but they can already see the amount of time saved by routine tasks thanks to PHC FX.

The first invoice was ready 1 or 2 hours later.

João Manso, Redshift