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“This synchronization gives me what I need. Speed to create a reference on PHC FX and make it available on the site.”

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The PHC FX Developer Partner, Webbase, developed a complete solution with the API (application programming interface) PHC FX Engine to integrate their online store with PHC Business FX.

This synchronisation allows their customers, in this case, Need2know, to benefit from this joint solution to boost their business.


What does the customer think?

Total mobility and a reasonable price, made PHC Business FX the perfect choice for José Fonseca (managing partner of Need2know) who praises the technical quality of PHC FX “It’s a great business solution.”

Apart from the consultancy area, this company sells consumer electronic devices online. The customer’s success is closely connected to the ability that PHC FX Engine has in connecting and optimizing the back office with the front office. According to José Fonseca, “this synchronization provides a quick integration with stocks and the online store”.

The flexibility of the PHC FX Developer Partner and the excellent development of the application, guaranteed total satisfaction and achieved what was intended – “I’m very please with the solution developed by Webbase”.


What does the PHC FX Developer Partner think?

Webbase was one of the first PHC FX Developer Partners and believed in the innovation presented by PHC FX because it was based on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Sérgio Dias (managing director of Webbase) believes that “cloud computing is the future”.

Besides the high level of independence provided by this API, in terms of development and maintenance, the Webbase managing director emphasized the main benefit of the application they developed: “this implementation allows customer to complete the sales cycle. This means that PHC FX users, who want to offer an online sales service to end customers, can provide the purchase, payment and invoicing for services, all online and automatically. And this is still difficult to come by, today”.

According to Sérgio Dias, this synchronization provides endless advantages to users, some of them being: sales process automation, simple and easy update of content, the ability to provide effective searches and the possibility to enjoy technical support from the Partner. “This type of synchronization solves problems with duplicated data and improves response time by companies”. Finally, this PHC FX Developer Partner is pleased to highlight the approach used by PHC FX Engine to develop these type of applications: “adaptation to the technology used by PHC FX Engine was easy and we quickly put it to use”.

When PHC FX appeared, we immediately saw it as an opportunity.

Sérgio Dias, Need 2 Know