Case Stydy: Gumelo

“We have been using PHC FX since we started the business. It helped us get off our feet.”

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Gumelo works in the fruit and vegetable sector.  This is just a void way of saying it grows domestic gourmet mushrooms. They are grown from coffee grounds and have no additives.

They are worldwide pioneers in this area and these forward thinkers needed a business software to match. So they chose PHC FX.

“We looked for something that would allow us to work with a lot of customers and that had low invoicing costs.”

According to Rui Apolinário, the managing partner of Gumelo, PHC FX gave them the answer to all their requirements, from legal issues to invoicing and running the business.

Rui Apolinário uses it on a daily basis and expects it to grow when the company grows.

Implementation took a day, with no training. It was easy to start working.

Rui Apolinário, Gumelo