“It´s quick, simple, intuitive and “get´s things done” for APPV.”

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The Portuguese Association of Sales Representatives is a nonprofit organization, started in 2009, with 50 members.
They needed an application to charge membership fees, without having to invest in equipment or software.
They chose PHC FX after comparing features of several SaaS systems because it’s features and functionalities covered their needs.

“Being a person absolutely oblivious to most financial functions, it was very simple and self-explanatory.”
Wilques Erlacher, President of the Board of Directors, claims that no initial training was needed. I learned by myself and didn’t feel the need for any training. I used the examples and materials provided by PHC. myPHC FX is a great place to find information and training?.
I expected a system easy to work with and simple to use.

“The cost/benefit ratio is extremely attractive”

He considers today, that the strength of PHC FX is the ease to update customer data, searches and create (and customize) invoices and receipts.
Everyday processes improved significantly with its ease of use. And your productivity?

It changed, a lot. We keep member accounts up-to-date.

Wilques Erlacher, APPV