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You’ve been a Cloud user for years

If you're thinking of moving to the Cloud but afraid to do it, you have to know it's not that new.   Actually, you started using the Cloud the same time you first accessed the Internet. When you created your first email account (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail...) you were getting your first Cloud experience that has lasted to this day. Then you went on to learn about hi5, Fotolog or Myspace...


4 tips to control your anxiety during public speaking

There are two types of speakers: those that are nervous and those that are liars.                                          - Mark Twain Imagine the following scenario: You're sitting in a waiting room, where in a few minutes you'll present your pitch to potential investors or even at a pitch contest. The only thing you think about is, how nervous you are. You wish you...

1000 customers

1000 reasons to love PHC FX

Sales exceeded expectations and grew 200%, surpassing the 1.000 customer...


Transform your startup… into a money making machine!

You might have a new organization… a new startup… a new business… Call it what you want, one thing is true: getting them off the ground isn’t easy. Besides getting started, the hard part is how they work and grow. It’s all about building a business with enough energy to generate power and fuel its own operations, to grow and develop. At first, every business owner wonders which...


PHC joins the MO-BIZZ project

The international consortium develops a mobile cloud project   MO-BIZZ is an international consortium intended to create a "European platform of business applications" with high-end technological solutions. PHC is one of the many companies part of the project, coordinated by PT and co-financed by the European Commission. With 6, up-and-running, pilot projects in Austria, Slovenia,...


Buying PHC FX is now easier

You can pay for PHC FX with Paypal   You can now subscribe PHC FX and pay with your Paypal account for monthly or annual payments. Paypal allows any business or consumer to securely send and receive payments online by using several methods like, credit cards, bank accounts or prepaid accounts. Secure payments have made Paypal the global leader of online payments, having received 20...


PHC Service FX is here!

Making customers happy one ticket at a time.     With PHC Service FX you can lend your customers powerful support, work smarter with closer collaboration and use your smart contact center to deliver the right information. Do all this, with your email. Have an outstanding customer care service, 100% online. Handle your customer tickets and keep your performance levels in...


The power in knowing it all (about your customer)

Customers do not grow on trees, right? And companies need their customers. This is business basics 101. Before you get bored by repetition, please indulge us while we tell you the story of your life. Imagine a start-up. A newbie company thrives on these words: new customers. It is only born and only really starts if it has…customers! A veteran company has what it takes to venture out...


Your documents can (and should) wear your brand

A brand new business needs a brand new identity…fresh and unique!   Millions of invoices are sent every day - and they all seam part of the same haystack, you have all of them. Well ok, one or two might catch your eye. But you probably haven’t seen one in a long time. If receiving invoices is already a pain, trying to filter them from other documents is a nightmare. It makes...