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How Small Businesses Can Benefit From POS Software

Traditional POS systems are growing out of fashion very quickly. The traditional POS system we have all become so familiar with is becoming outdated and obsolete due to a combination of technological advances and consumer demand. The future lies with web-based cloud POS software. This is quickly becoming the most effective business management software for small businesses because of its...

What is a customer relationship management system

What Is A Customer Relationship Management System?

  Even though it started as a way to grow other industries, CRM has become an entire industry of its own. It is touted as the new way to conduct business- a global standard for sales and customer service. Utilising CRM for small businesses is often thought to be one of the best ways to improve customer relations and take a startup to the next level. CRM is also a buzzword,...

Business Accounting Software

Choosing Accounting Software That Will Grow With Your Business

“Growing the business” is the vague-yet-important goal of countless small business owners. Even without a detailed growth plan, a business that grows is naturally going to get bigger. As a business develops and gets more customers, it will need more employees in order to help meet the demand. In order for more people to be hired, though, there should be a greater amount of cash flow...

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Procrastination Killers: 7 Productivity Tools For Today’s Entrepreneurs

Procrastination is a serious problem affecting many people. In fact, around 20% of people admit to being chronic procrastinators. It can be deadly and have serious ramifications for the future of your business. It’s believed that around 40% of people have experienced financial loss because of it. Below are seven of the best software for business tools that will help you kill...

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Trying Times: How To Make The Most Of Free Software Trials

One of the biggest players in the “dot com” boom of the 1990's was AOL, now mostly a news outlet. At the time, though, they seemed like the pioneers of the future- marked by their massive free trial campaigns. Their tactics were literally to litter free trial disks everywhere. You couldn't go ten feet without finding a huge stack of colorful free trial CDs blocking your path, offering...

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Making The Case For Switching To The Cloud

A few years ago, it probably would have seemed crazy to think that the you could effectively run a business from across the world- or even across the country. Realistically, the only way it was possible was with individual managers or entire management staff in every office location. “Outsourcing” literally meant hiring a completely different company to perform a specific task for a...

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What Are Your Biggest Frustrations With Business Management Software?

  There are huge expectations surrounding what software for business management is supposed to accomplish. There is also no surprise why: according to Statista, business intelligence software is set to make $18.65 billion USD in 2017. More and more companies are putting an increased reliance on software to help their business thrive. It's not just enterprises and corporations...

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Choosing POS Software? Identifying Key Features & Functionality

The prospect of hiring employees and growing a small business can seem like an overwhelming task. After all, the workers at the counter or at customer tables are the face of the company. They represent the business itself, and they also represent you. Hiring choices are some of the most important, meaningful decisions that a business owner can make. Of course, the tough decisions don't...

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Putting POS Software At The Centre Of Your Business Intelligence

  There are very few industries that allow individuals to completely disregard customers and clients. Even artists and writers have clients they need to appeal to- if they want to make any money, that is. If you're running a retail store or a restaurant or even something in another industry, your business revolves around customers. Customers and of course, the money that they are...