invoicing software that makes billing a breeze

Invoicing Software That Makes Billing a Breeze

Whether you're slaving over a keyboard programming all night or out in the hot sun trying to get a construction project finished, it's tough to find a better feeling than finishing something to the best of your ability- and finishing it on time. Of course, getting paid for a job well done is pretty close to that feeling too- some people might like it a little bit better. Unfortunately, there's...

grow your business with cloud based POS

Grow Your Business With Cloud Based POS Management Software

Remember walking down Main Street as a child, looking longingly into shop windows, wanting nothing more than whatever toy caught your fancy? Many people share a similar memory to this one- and even though the popularity of ecommerce continues to grow, there is something special about seeing something in person. It's never been easier to create online stores and small businesses. Whether...

using empathy

Using Empathy to Boost CRM Strategies

With all this talk about big data and analytics, it's easy to lose sight of real human emotions. Even sports are all about “moneyball,” with the focus shifting more and more towards new statistics and less towards players playing with passion. The business world has not been spared from this shift either- numbers and figures are more important than ever, with companies relying on software...

technology makes accountancy easy

Technology Makes Accountancy Easy

There are plenty of things humans can do better than computers. Play football, for instance. They can create art with real meaning behind it. They can even walk up stairs! There are also just as many cases, though, in which humans fall very short when compared to the precision of computers. When it comes to money, typically the accuracy of computers can't be beat. A small percentage of...

using software to predict

Using Software to Predict Buyer Behaviour

We've all had that feeling that somebody is watching us. When it comes to the surfing the internet, we really are being watched! At least most websites politely let us know that they are collecting “cookies.” When it comes to your own customers, there is lots of data that you can be putting to good use- and you don't have to spy on them to make the most of it, either. We're talking...

best crm tactics

Best CRM Tactics for Small Businesses

The world is getting more and more automated- for the most part, it seems like a good thing. Google has driving cars, we can ask our mobile phones where we should eat lunch and it will usually give a good answer. There are even machines that make coffee for us! Well, that one has been around for a while. It's not just our personal life that is getting easier- the business world can be...

top retail trends

Top Retail Trends for 2016

Staying ahead of the competition can be integral to any company's success. It many industries, though, it sometimes comes down to not getting left behind rather than leading the pack. Retail can be one of those industries- with so many direct competitors, some companies don't want to stray too far away from conventions, while simultaneously incorporating new ideas. It's a delicate balance, and...

Image: Choosing the Right Retail Software

Choosing The Right Retail Software For Your Business

  There are numerous benefits to using retail software for your business. This ranges from improving customer service and managing inventory, to increasing profits in your business. However, to reap the full benefits of such software you need to make sure you choose the right one, one that fits your needs and current requirements. If you don’t, then it’s likely your software...

Image: Why POS is the Total Retail Management Solution

POS Software is THE Total Retail Management Solution

For retailers there really isn’t a better solution than POS software. For the uninitiated, POS stands for point of sale. Simply put, it’s a system that involves a group of networked computers that relay information back to a central computer. It’s software that manages the checkout procedure for customers. Everyone has a (boring) story about a supermarket self service...