What is PHC FX?

PHC FX is a complete business solution, 100% online!

oqueoPHCFX_v2It is a unique experience, developed everyday with top notch technology. This gives your business more action, options and, most importantly, bullet-proof answers to every question.

So, what is PHC FX? It’s your business taken from fragile to agile in one minute!

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How well do you know your business?

Ask yourself:

Who are your top 5 customers?
Did you go over Budget?
Which contact works better for me?
Because it’s integrated, it has answers for everything!


With PHC FX, you will

  • Manage Everything
  • Create Leads and Keep Customers Happy
  • Finish Projects Reach Goals
  • Boost Team Productivity
  • Provide Stellar Customer Support
  • Manage your Documents Online
  • Make your decisions on-the-go
  • All your information, integrated
  • Super-charged Technology
  • Easy to Use and Easy to Learn
  • Teeny Tiny Investment
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Safe Access and Data Security

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  • PHC FX Editions

    Our Editions adapt PHC FX to your needs.

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  • Good Practices

    The best practices to save you time and money.

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