Are you a Mac lover? Do you use Windows or Linux?

Whatever bakes your potato. It doesn’t matter!

PHC FX was built to run on any operating system. With such a universal, simple and intuitive user experience, you don’t have to change overnight. We’ve go it all in writing!


Get your freedom back, be updated regularly and most importantly – do what you love the most.


Wherever You Are

Here, there, everywhere. If you’ve got Internet, you’ve got your business with you. That is that.

Need to send an invoice? See report stats? Take a look at your schedule? Answer a ticket? Do whatever you have to, wherever you have to.

Run (literally) after opportunities.


The Perks?flexibilidade-billing

  • Unique User Experience. On any Browser.
  • No installation needed. 100% online.
  • No maintenance. Regular Backups.
  • 24 hour surveillance. Locked DataCenter.
  • Privacy secured. Accesses Restricted.


PHC Dashboard FX. PHC FX analytics on your tablet.

Decisions need to be made, everyday. Sometimes, they don’t choose the best time or place. Monitor your sales, compare opportunities, know your customer ranking and tame your accounts. Have all your analytics, metrics and indicators available in real-time on your tablet or laptop.
Meet PHC Dashboard FX.

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