PHC FX Engine

With PHC FX Engine all users of PHC FX will have their external applications integrated with their software. This will keep you and your Company in sync with market needs.

PHC FX Developer Partners are responsible for all developments that make our Customers fast and agile.

Database security is a PHC FX system priority. And that is why our system architecture only allows previously authorized accesses by their users.


This platform guarantees a safe and secure access from external applications to your data. This allows you to create solutions you might need to streamline your day.

Do you want to be a PHC FX Developer Partner?

How much does it cost?
To use external applications you need to subscribe PHC Engine FX, an API that integrates other applications with PHC FX. The price indicated here does not include the external application.

PHC FX net Edition


Monthly Equivalent for annual payments

(£68 yearly)


Monthly Payment



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